The second product of ionization is acidic water. It consists of negatively charged ions which have a high oxidation capacity. The pH level of acidic water is less than 7. The high oxidation capacity of acidic water is the main element which defines its uses.


Bathing & Cleaning 

Bathing with acidic ionized water keeps the skin looking healthy and radiant.Rinsing your hair nourishes the hair roots by neutralising the shampoo’s alkalinity.



Using acidic ionized water for boiling noodles makes the noodles chewier.

In addition, when used for frying, your food will have a better crunch and texture.


Keeping flower fresh

Keeping your fresh-cut flowers looking fresh by putting it in a mixture of 1-part acidic ionized water with 2-parts neutral water.


Pet Bathing

Using acidic ionized water to bathe your pet keeps its fur glossy and beautiful. It also eliminates unwanted pet odours.


Cleaning and Polishing

Removes dirt and grime from kitchen countertops, floors, and walls. You can also wash and disinfect dishes. When pots and pans are soaked overnight, stains and burns are removed.

You can also clean mirrors, windows and eyeglasses.


Disinfecting and Sterilizing

Rinse to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. It is also effective in treating minor skin wounds and accelerates your recovery from chapped hands.