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HHMK 9 Platinum-Titanium Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer

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HHMK Water Ionizer Features:














Accurate pH Levels

A total of 7 levels including 4 alkaline levels, 1 filtered water level, 2 acidic levels can be used. It has developed into a more high-quality system as the color on the LCD screen changes according to the level.

Flow Rate and ORP Display

It indicates the accurate flow rate, and displays the ORP of the water (the strength to which the oxidation, upon losing an electron, and reduction, upon gaining an electron, is occurring). Oxidation refers to aging and corrosion, and reduction refers to resuscitation and reversion.

Temperature Detection System

All buttons operate under the control of the temperature detection system, which prevents any malfunctions in the machine.

Automatic Action Cleaning System

During the usage of the ionized water machine, there are 20 electrode changes per second, which does not allow scales to accumulate on the electrolytic cell. Thus, the machine does not require any additional cleaning. Ionized water machines from other companies are machines that need to be cleaned by ‘bathing’. However, HHMK Ionized Water Machine cleans itself by ‘showering’ every day.

Volume Control Function

It gives a voice notification of the ionized water machine’s condition. User can adjust the volume in 3 different levels (mute, low, high).

One-touch System

All functions include On-Off are based on a one-touch system. Thus, selecting the desired ionized water pH level is convenient.

Has an Excellent Reduction Power

Supplying water through the electrolytic cell through a dual-line made it possible to generate better ionized water.

The 7th Hidden Function

Ionized water machines from other brands use external devices (treatment filter, pressure pump, etc.) to accommodate changes in water quality and water pressure. However, HHMK Ionized Water Machine uses internal systems to quickly handle changes in water quality and water pressure.

2-Filter System

2 filters consisting of carbon block, silver nano filter, ACF, PE flat filter, and calcium sulfite prevent bacterial growth, and produce cleaner and highly pure ionized water.

Artificial Intelligence: Self-diagnostic System

When there is a system malfunction or if the machine is used for a long duration, the protection module is turned on by the self-diagnostic system. (Water supply is restricted if the button(s) of the machine is not pressed for 5 minutes during usage.)

Advanced Platinum-Titanium Electrodes and Two Filters

High-concentration platinum-titanium electrode plates improve ionization and maximize the life of the ionizer
A special ion-exchange membrane maximizes rate of ion separation during electrolysis, providing highly pure ionized water
Automatic cleaning and drainage functions of the electrolyzer maintains continuous cleanliness of the electrodes and diaphragm, providing the highest quality of hydrogen reduced water
Approved acid water hose provides reliable protection against contamination
2 filter system provides safer, superior water cleaning treatment (block carbon/synthetic calcium, activated carbon)




















30 in stock

Product Description

HHMK alkaline water ionizer use the tap water and ground water to produce alkaline or acidic ionized water through an electrolytic device (electrolytic cell). Alkaline ionized water is produced at the cathode (-), which contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, and acidic ionized water is produced at the anode (+), which contains minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine within the electrolytic device (electrolytic cell).

The alkaline water ionizer generates materials for medicinal purposes and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Its effects in treating chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal zymolysis in the stomach and excessive stomach acid were recognized.



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