HHMK and 8ightplus Alkaline Water Ionizers

 Why Use An Ionizer?

Today, more and more people are becoming interested in the health benefits of drinking ionized water. Ionized (also known as alkaline) water has a higher pH level than neutral tap water. There are numerous possible health benefits from drinking more alkaline water, such as improved cholesterol levels, better management of diabetes, and lowering blood pressure. One study conducted in 2012 even showed that drinking alkaline water can reduce the enzyme that causes acid reflux. Alkaline water also naturally contains higher levels of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

How Does It Work?

Water ionizers work by electrolyzing the water, causing the water chemical (H2O) to separate into hydrogen and oxygen. The result is water that is either more acidic (at the + anode) or more alkaline (at the – cathode). The mineral-rich alkaline water is preserved while the acidic water – containing sulfur and chlorine – is discarded.

Is It Safe?

 Yes. While opponents have created some controversy over the significance of the health benefits of drinking ionized water, there are no known health risks. Additionally, the alkaline water ionizer has been approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration as a device that creates medical materials.

What Types of Ionizers Are Available?

There are many types of ionizers in existence, most of which are available for regular retail. In designing and constructing our model, we spared no expense and took no shortcuts. We examined the problems facing other models (for example, calcium build up on the plates) and solved each one before we considered our design complete.

Below is our model, both available to consumers and medical personnel. You can see for yourself how favorably our model compares to the competition.

9 Plates (The HHMK Difference)

  • Maximum pH: 10.85
  • Maximum ORP: -400 – -800
  • No calcium accumulation
  • Specially designed and platinum plates for superior quality