Alkaline Water Testimonials

Mr Kelvin A, Company Director

Doctors certified that my wife had 3rd stage cancer and strongly recommended that she should go under chemotherapy as the cancer cells had spread to her lymphatic system. Following after that treatment, she would need to undergo surgery. We agreed to go for the chemotherapy sessions and my wife started to drink alkaline ionized water after we heard about its health benefits from a friend. My wife drank 20 cups a day everyday during the time she went for chemotherapy sessions. To the doctors’ great delight, the cancer tumors grew smaller and eventually disappeared after some time.

Ms Neo, Homemaker

During the pregnancy, I bled quite frequently and when we went for testing, the liquid drawn from my womb was red instead of the usual yellow colour. I thought I try drinking some alkaline water in hopes it’ll help. God had given us a great blessing when baby Aran came out to this world all healthy! It was such a relief! Thanks HHMK!

Madam Bernie, Office Manager

In 2000, my husband had a bad case of eczema that it required both oral and external medicine. Despite the constant medication, my husband’s condition worsen. His skin itched so much that he often left scars from scratching. In 2010, we bought a HHMK water ionizer. After drinking the alkaline ionized water, his condition improved greatly and he had no need for medication. After a period of time, his scars also disappeared.

Mr Koon Bin, Outdoor Executive

In the past, my face had a lot of pimples, causing the biggest problem for my face. My employer then told me to try drinking some alkaline water and wash my face with some acidic water. In the following months, my pimples had lessen and in about 6 months altogether, my pimples were completely gone! It was amazing! I had used many methods trying to help my skin but to no avail. Alkaline water is indeed the best and safe way, even for people who have sensitive skin.

Madam Lilian, Office Administrator

My husband was suffering from backache for over 20 years, along with numbness in limbs, urinary incontinence and severe consitipation. On December 2015, we bought the HHMK water ionizer and my husband started drinking 3 liters of the ionized water everyday. After about 3 months of drinking alkaline water, there was significant improvement on all of his physical conditions.

Mr Adam Hong

I suffered from diabetes for more than 20 years, it had infected my leg at this point. But washing my ulcerated leg for about 3 months helped it recovered and drinking the alkaline water helped lower my blood sugar level.

Mr Rene

I heard of the health benefits of this alkaline water and thought to try it. One of the benefits I focused on is that it can act as an anti-stress. After working, I would wash my face using the acidic ionized water and I noticed that I feel more refreshed and the stress of the day was gone. Thanks HHMK management for the great product!